Ex-LNER Class A2 4-6-2 No. 60535 HORNETS BEAUTY heads a northbound train at a location near Redgorton, between Perth and Luncarty, in the evening of 2nd June, 1963. A former Eastern Region locomotive, No. 60535 was transferred to Polmadie Shed in October 1963 and continued in service until June 1965. [Chris Gammell]
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Ex-LNER Class A4 4-6-2 No. 60009 Union of South Africa heads north from Perth Station at Dovecotland with the 17.30 Glasgow Buchanan Street to Aberdeen train, which was formerly named The St. Mungo. [Derek Penney]
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Not long after it entered service, Highland Railway '103' Class (LMSR Class 4F) 4-6-0 No. 114 passes through Luncarty Station shortly after leaving Perth with a northbound goods train. No. 114 was one of fifteen 4-6-0s, numbered 103 to 117, which were built by Sharp, Stewart & Co. in 1894 to the design of David Jones, the Highland Railway's Locomotive Superintendent. Known as the 'Jones Goods' or 'Big Goods', they were the first 4-6-0s built for use in Britain and were an instant success, being permitted to take 200 tons unassisted over the Highland main line, albeit with banking assistance to the summits at Druimauchdar and Dava or Slochd. No. 114 entered service in October 1894, became LMSR No. 17927 at the Grouping, and was withdrawn in September 1936. [L&GRP No. 21290/David & Charles]

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